Lodge of Cloudcroft Rebecca’s Presents Chef, Richard Lepree


The Lodge of Cloudcroft has gone through a makeover this past year. Upgraded and remodeled rooms and now changes to the culinary department as the Lodge is excited to recognize the excellent brigade of chefs led by the new Executive Chef, Richard Lepree. He was the previous owner of Lepree's Global Comfort Food in Cloudcroft and now with oversight of Rebecca’s at The Lodge of Cloudcroft. 

When it comes to dining, gratification awaits even the most discriminating of palates in Rebecca’s. Named after our resident ghost, Rebecca’s serves lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on Saturdays & Sundays. 

Chef Lepree earned his culinary degrees from Oxford University in England and has trained with Michelin Star chefs from all around the world. His studies included Classical French and English Butchery, Charcuterie, Fishmongery, Confectionery, Advance Pastry, Guest Expectations and Culinary Science

The chef has a passion for creating unique and "sexy" culinary dishes using fresh, local ingredients grown by local farmers.

Chef Lepree has instilled enthusiasm and knowledge amongst the team of chefs, all working together to provide a top-notch dining experience at the top of the mountain.

Chef Lepree has created a new and fabulous Dinner Menu featuring items such as Hand Rolled Gnocchi, Ratatouille, Bone in Pork Chop and more. 

Chefs seen in the picture from left to right:

Chef Bentley McNab

Chef Jody Mancillas

Executive Chef Richard Lepree

Sous Chef Caelan Bickel

Pastry Chef Jewlyn Palmer

Chef Chloe Nash (not pictured)

Per a hotel spokesperson, "We look forward to serving the community of Cloudcroft, our neighbouring towns, and our guests from all across the country. Stay connected with us for upcoming specials and events."

The dress code at Rebecca's is Resort Casual for breakfast and lunch. Although dinner in Rebecca's is considered "Fine Dining" Resort Casual wear is always acceptable. Dinner on weekend evenings are a romantic delight as you are serenaded by soothing sounds from our grand piano. Make a reservation for dinner by calling us at 575-682-2566

Some unique trivia about the Lodge:

Several U.S. Presidents that have visited The Lodge.

Theodore Roosevelt (26th President) is the first President that has visited The Lodge. There are historical travel records that show that he visited Cloudcroft during his Presidency in 1902. That same year he travelled to Las Vegas New Mexico for the first annual reunion of his Rough Riders.  The Rough Riders were Commanded by Theodore Roosevelt and went up against Kettle Hill along with Brigadier General Jacob Kent who charged up San Juan Hill and pushed Spanish troops further inland until they surrendered on July 16th.

Upon his visit to New Mexico and to Cloudcroft he announced his candidacy for President and promised to work for New Mexico Statehood. In May of 1903, he was reminded of his promise when his train arrived in Albuquerque at the Alvarado Hotel. The Lodge was connected by a train route that went through New Mexico and trains were a popular method for Presidents to use at the time.

President William Howard Taft (27th President) visited Cloudcroft and the Lodge during his Presidency as a part of his broader efforts to escape the summer heat of Washington, D.C. and seek cooler climates. Taft’s Visit to Cloudcroft contributed to the area’s reputation as a desirable mountain retreat for relaxation and escape from the summer heat.

It’s no secret that many politicians have been hosted at the Lodge and fed many a great meal to include many of New Mexico Governor’s. There have also been several celebrities, artists and authors, photographers, and business leaders. With easy access by train and a great climate as well as the private atmosphere Cloudcroft had been an attractive place to stay for many during the heyday of rail service.

The tradition of hospitality to dignitaries and common folk continues and the tradition of breaking bread with friends, families and strangers continues with the new chef Lepree joining the fold.

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