Is a Bond Measure and an Indoor Pool in the Cards for Alamogordo Citizens?

Rene Sepulveda, rehabilitative fitness guru and retired NCAA Track and Field Coach has said one of the biggest disappointments about being back in Alamogordo is that there is no indoor pool for fall and winter use. He said he remembers the days when Alamogordo had multiple municipal city pools and that the indoor pool was optimum for training and for rehabilitation classes with seniors and those needing core or strength training as a part of their recovery.

Mr. Sepulveda via ReneFit USA does elite training with clients around the world who come to Alamogordo or via virtual workshops to train for marathons, elite competitions and more. His local client base however is heavily swayed toward retired veterans and seniors that need rehabilitative assistance. A missing cog in their rehab is the ability to use aquatics as a part of their recovery. As Alamogordo's retirement community grows so does the need for indoor aquatics for quality of life.  

The Alamogordo High School has a robust swim team that sent multiple participants to the state competition this year. One of the challenges facing this swim team is where will they practice? On many days the school kids are up at 5 am to make it to Holloman or the School of the Visually Impaired for training. If there was an indoor pool centrally located and available, it would make for a better training environment for AHS Students and further assist the parents who have to make scattered arrangement on getting their children to training.

Health and fitness are a concern for any community and an indoor public access pool helps with quality of life, business recruitment and ensuring a city that provides for its citizens.

Apparently many others are of similar mindset as the city of Alamogordo commissioned an assessment of need with recommendations for an indoor pool to be constructed.

A copy of that presentation was made before the most recent City Commission meeting...

City Commission Regular Meeting • • CivicClerk

The proposal is for construction at 1100 Oregon Avenue for a new facility. The commission heard the presentation and asked questions. In order for the project to move forward the commission must approve a bond measure to go before the voters to fund the project. The goal is approval and onto the ballot for voter consideration in November.

As a community, let's rally for this project, it is a good project to provide children a safe and centrally located place for recreation year-round, it provides a safe place for seniors and enhances the quality of life for the citizens of Alamogordo.

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