Increase in Crime Results in Planned Tularosa Crime Watch Meeting February 19th at 6pm


On February 19th, 2024, at the Tularosa Community Center the community is hosting a community watch meeting. 

With a recent uptick in crime and turmoil within the local police department the mayor, new incoming police chief and concerned citizens will be on hand to address the uptick in crime and discuss how the community may be more watchful and better protect itself.

There is a change at the Tularosa police department brining in a well certified and credentialed police chief and the hiring of new officers with a focus on experience and credentials unlike the past administration.  

In 2023 the Tularosa police Department lacked focused and was short staffed due to low morale and credentialling issues.

The point of the upcoming meeting is to meet the new chief and to collaborate as a community to reduce crime. 

In an interview with Anthony Lucero with Chris Rupp on KRAZY KALH Radio the police department under the former mayor and former police chief Brandon Boyle was described as a "train wreck."

Anthony Lucero stated during the interview stated that "I am excited to see that not only is there a certified officer coming in but award-winning officer is going to be running the department." Tularosa spokesperson Chris Rupp confirmed," that correct, yes sir that is correct, the new Chief has quite an extensive background in law enforcement, a ton of certifications and training and s recommendations. He's a 4solid person to our community as he worked up in Mescalero before, so he's familiar with our area, he's just a good addition right now to our department."

Per Rupp the village is getting back into shape, "sir, it takes baby steps and right now we're we are taking them and again the biggest thing that we have got to is get out and get participation from the community and we have to lead with communication with the community. Without those we will fail and with those we'll succeed and make our community better for everyone."

To learn more about the community watch meeting or other village events visit the Tularosa Making a Difference Facebook page or stay connected with's Otero County Community Calendar. You may hear the interview and get more details via the link below


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