Weekly Introspection Speed Bumps Are Just A Part Of Life by Johnnie Walker


Have you ever lost focus and drove over a speed bump? Chances are, you have. It is a jarring experience. Briefly suspended in mid air like a carnival roller coaster, and coming down with terrible force, to a broken axel, getting smacked in the face by a barrage of paperwork falling from your visor and spilled coffee in your lap. Your teeth click, your back is out of whack, and the passengers in the back seat just got dunked like a Krispy Kreme donut. It is an embarrassing experience, but it happens.

Speed bumps are primarily there to slow you down and provide safety for both you and pedestrians. It is also true about life. As we transition through stages and ages we too need to be reminded to slow down.

If you’re moving too fast, not paying attention you are bound to hit one or two. You will be forced to slow down and assess the damage it has caused. It is not a cause to quit but a time to regroup. Slow down figure out where you are in life. How did you get there? Why did you lose focus? Are you living the life you envisioned at 10 and 18 years old? Slowing down you may realize you just might need a speed bump placed between your brain and your mouth. Whatever the blame may be. Take a break from it, take a vacation from it. Put a plan together to succeed. Take a deep breathe, calm down, encourage yourself and make preparations to enjoy the journey.

Driving damaged will only further the problem. The shocks and alignment go bad after a speed bump. Shocks absorb and stabilize the ride. So it is true in life. If you lose the ability to absorb a shock, life’s journey will be very uncomfortable for you. One mile will seem like 200 miles. It does wonders for your appearance and self esteem. No one wants to look like 200 miles of bad road and have poor sense of self worth. Look for life’s positive moments, find things to be thankful for.

If you encounter a speed bump don’t quit, just slow down, take inventory, plan again, dream again, and make sure to enjoy the journey. Life is too short to be uncomfortable. 

-johnnie walker

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