Border Patrol Arrest Roberto Esquivel for Shooting and El Paso Sector Update


Shooting suspect aprehended multiple smuggling schemes thwarted this past week. Highest in profile was Roberto Esquivel, the man police say shot a border patrol agent on New Mexico Highway 146 near Animas on January 5.

He’s apprehended, and now facing four federal charges, including the attempted murder of a U.S. officer.

A border patrol agent survived a dangerous encounter and being hit by bullets after coming under fire during a traffic stop. The Thursday morning traffic stop took a violent turn when bullets started flying in multiple directions. The traffic stop involved the driver Roberto Esquivel who is now facing four federal charges including the attempted murder of a U.S. officer.

Esquivel was pulled over for unusual behavior. The border patrol agent asked for his identification and noticed five other people in the car, who admitted they were from Mexico and did not have proper documentation.

When Esquivel was asked to step out of the vehicle things turned violent. Esquivel shot at the agent twice in the chest but he was protected by his body armor. As the agent shot back, Esquivel sped away but the vehicle eventually rolled over a few miles down the road.

Six people were taken into custody and two were treated at a hospital in El Paso. During an interview, Esquivel told officials he was bringing immigrants to Deming and was expecting to be paid $300 per person.

Roberto Esquivel is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to transport immigrants into the country.

The El Paso Sector reports 4 days ago via  the United States Border Patrol checkpoint and roving patrol, agents  encountered 18 separate attempted smuggling schemes all within a 24 hour period. Apprehensions included 19 smugglers, the majority of which were citizens of Mexico, & 88 smuggled migrants. 

Five days ago near Deming Station agents thwarted multiple smuggling schemes– all in one day.  Agents first encountered 6 vehicles utilized to smuggle migrants into the US. Later in the day, two more schemes were foiled involving two U.S. Citizens drivers. A total of 23 migrants were intercepted. 

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