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Hey everybody!

Long-time reader, first-time poster here. I finally got around to creating an account to spread the news of the great FREE ten-week summer tutoring I'm running out of The Counseling Center in Alamogordo.

They are the Math Literacy Institute and Friday Fundays. You can visit our website here. (Sorry about it being a Google Site. It was supposed to get integrated into the official website, but it never happened. Next year it will be!)

They are for middle school and high school students.

Math Literacy Institute will cover fundamental math concepts in a way most students have never seen. We'll start at defining math and numbers, work through the basic arithmetic operations, dive deep on fractions and decimals, introduce expressions, equations, and inequalities, and we'll end on word problems and general problem solving skills. The entire summer we'll also talk about independent learning, taking ownership of your education, and using math as a language. Every single student I have seen (including my college students) need something like this.

Friday Fundays has four sections students can sign up for:
Arduino Adventures - microcontrollers, embedded systems, and robotics
Python Programming - computer science and Python
Kitchen Chemistry - cooking, baking, and the scientific method
Physics Fun - motion, energy, work, and catapults
These are going to be fun and hands-on, but I will expect students to complete "homework" before they arrive on Friday. Nothing crazy, just enough to make sure they know what they're doing when we meet.

Help me spread the news! You can email me questions, comments, or concerns at,, or You can also fill out the online form to pre-register: Click here to pre-register!

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