The Real Deal - Endorsement - By Kathy Ramsey (Independent)

Warren Robinson is running for Magistrate Judge Division 1 in the upcoming elections. I want to tell you about his talents and I want you to vote for him.

As a fair man with a strong moral compass, Warren will be bringing his unique qualities and skills to the judicial system . He is not running on partisan issues but is offering us his good character.
Warren is a teacher, a minister, a respected community leader, and a chaplain at both Gerald Champion Medical Center and the Alamogordo Police Department. In all of these roles he has shown he can and will listen deeply and question thoughtfully. From years of experience he understands people in crisis and knows that change can happen in moments of accountability. His long record of service in local organizations shows he cares about supporting a healthy community. This experience of working with diverse populations with varying backgrounds and life experiences has prepared him for the reality of a courtroom.
The quality that draws me personally to support his candidacy is his skill of discernment. Warren can see a person and a situation deeply and can hone in on what is essential, what will connect, and what can help people change. This ability is a core foundation for effective work in a court setting where judgements occur. Warren knows what matters.
When people have this kind of awareness they bring openness, confidence and hope. Warren’s personal integrity creates a calmness for people in distress and a model for “doing your best.” He will use teaching as a judicial tool in expecting correct behavior and better choices. He also will apply appropriate consequences in the necessary part of assuring public safety. Warren knows what it means to live responsibly in a community and he expects it of others.
A unique view on the impacts of crime in our town comes from being the police chaplain. In valuing good policing Warren has seen the pressures on officers as they face some of the most daunting scenes humans can confront. He has supported victims and responders.
Personal integrity means everything in being a good judge. Warren has carefully chosen 3 words that describe what he would bring to municipal court. These are Wisdom, Justice and Service. He walks this talk.
Your vote counts in determining the kind of community we want and in choosing the quality of our judges.

Warren Robinson for Magistrate Judge Division 1.

Editorial by Kathy Ramsey, Alamogordo, New Mexico 

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