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Commentary on Commission Meetings of Thursday, 11 August 2022, by Joy Bordenave and Kristen Flannery

Note this is a public commentary by Joy Bordenave who has recently become engaged and active in local politics and edited by collaborator Kristen Flannery. This is written in a first-person format by Mrs. Bordenave based upon her experience while attending these public meetings.

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Joy Bordenave-

"On Thursday, 11 August 2022, two meetings were held by the Otero County Commission. I will discuss the evening session that I attended.

Meeting Location

Before entering the Flickinger Theater, it quickly became apparent the political persuasion of those in line by their clothing and wearing of masks. I personally don’t know most of the local “Who’s Who.” A lady I had recently met, Stephanie Dubois, schooled me on a few. Upon entering the theater there was a table with papers on it. When I asked, I was told that they were signup sheets for those wishing to speak. Before attending the meeting, I was told that speakers would be allotted three minutes. Couy Griffin had requested that it be cut to two minutes, but that request was rejected. I signed up and then found a seat with other Democrats. I asked about an agenda and returned to the table to find there were a few remaining agendas on the table. To my best estimate, there were about 150 Republicans and maybe a dozen Democrats. There were also between six and eight Sheriff officers. On the stage were three presenters on one side and three County commissioners and the County attorney on the other.

Presentation - Against Dominion Voting Machines

The meeting was called to order and began with the pledge of allegiance. A guest speaker began the meeting with a church service and began his list of “Red Flags”. These “red flags” read like a list of conspiracy theories, in my opinion, and were not factual in any way. He did say that he is presently under investigation and being sued by Dominion Voting Machine, yet has been called as an “expert witness” against Dominion in cases in Michigan, Arizona and possibly other states. They are not in agreement about his assessments. The “Red Flags” were directed to Dominion voting machines/tabulators. His multiple theories were about how the machines could be manipulated. He talked about the securing of the machines, the ease of accessing the password, stuffing ballots into the machines, etc. He listed and discussed each item on a projector for the audience to view. He did say that although he couldn’t prove there was anything wrong, they were suspicious and needed to be investigated. He went on to say that after an election, the County Clerk must keep all election ballots for 22 months. After September 22, 2022, all ballots will be destroyed, pressing the urgency for immediate action. This presentation was allowed to continue for about an hour and a half. Toward the end of his presentation, he polled the audience asking who felt that these Dominion machines could be trusted? There were about six of us who raised our hands. When he then asked, “How many of you don’t trust the machines?”, the vast majority of the audience answered in the negative. He then made the comment to the Commission, “You see, this is what you are contending with.”

Presentation - David and Erin Clements

Presentations by David and Erin Clements lasted for another hour and a half. They presented two booklets of over 150 pages with what they said was their research over the last eight months. The booklets contained graphs, charts and canvass interviews. There was some heckling from the audience. David explained information from their research. Erin showed charts of voter registration rolls from 2012. She suggested that based on her numbers, there was voter registration manipulation by 2018. This she based on Motor Vehicle Registration numbers. She said there is a three to four percent margin of error built into the acceptable range. She also mentioned that this included the fact that this is a military location. Erin Clements then introduced another presenter that she ZOOM called in. It was explained that this lady is a statistician and lives in Nebraska, I think. She was hired based on her experience in a middle school case where a principal was investigated for changing students scores so that he would not lose his job. Long story short, based on the info she was provided, it appears that numbers were manipulated. Graphs did not agree with normal social trends.

Public Comment Period

In my opinion, as chairperson of the board, Vicki Marquart, as the chairperson, was simply not in control of this meeting.

More than three hours later, they finally get to the speakers. By this time, the audience has been saturated with “Red Flag”/Conspiracy theory information. Vicki Marquart announced that there were three pages of names to speak. As names were called, a number were no longer present. If I recall correctly, there were about six speakers that had been canvassers and discussed their door-to-door experiences. This is where things started getting most heated. In my opinion, Democrats did themselves no favors. When given their opportunity to speak, they were VERY VOLATILE. Couy Griffin had mandated that Roberts Rules of Conduct would be used. Anyone not complying would be escorted out by the Sheriff. When canvassers and several others came to speak they were treated respectfully. However, when an outspoken Democrat had his time at the microphone, David Clements, one of the presenters, started interjecting his views and talking over the speaker. This used up a lot of his time. He demanded that he be given additional time and was refused. Another Democratic speaker approached the microphone and she too was irate and confrontational. The police did approach her and gave her a warning. John Block was a speaker as well. He began by apologizing for the behavior of some of the speakers. He referred to Democrats as “the fringe.” Another speaker had served as an election judge in the 2020 election. I’m not sure but it may have been for Chavez County or Cloudcroft. She spoke about a problem she had experienced. Robyn Holmes came to the microphone to address the situation. While she was talking to the Commission, David Clements verbally attacked her and screamed that she wasn’t doing her job and that she needed to resign. She maintained her composure and asked if there were any more questions. She was told no and returned to the back of the theater. As an elected public official, she was treated very disrespectfully especially since Mr Clements was there only as a guest presenter and not a local resident.

My Experience During Public Comment

When it was my turn, I took the microphone feeling embarrassed by the poor behavior of several Democrats in the audience. Even some who chose not to speak were making comments that could be heard by others around them. I felt uncomfortable and completely outnumbered. Although I was initially composed, I got nervous and didn’t say everything I wanted to say.

The most critical piece of information I was not able to share was that I had been a trained voter challenger. My job was to inspect machines and report any irregularities taking place during the voting process. I kept track of any spoiled ballots which were kicked out by the Dominion machines. The machines performed as designed and county staff responded appropriately and voided the ballot. Period. At no time during my service did I see any irregularities with citizens voting or anomalies with the Dominion Voting /Tabulator Machines. I DID, however, see Couy Griffin violate voting Polling Place Rules and Regulations. I also saw MAGA supporters wearing their MAGA gear which also is in violation of these Polling Place Rules and Regulations. To the best of my knowledge, the Democrats in our community did not need correction as they did not wear clothing to identify themselves and their political beliefs.

As I mentioned earlier, Couy Griffin had already mandated that Robert’s Rules of Conduct would be used. However, David Clements kept jumping up, taking the microphone, and interrupting whenever he had something to say even while a speaker was still presenting. It didn’t help that calls from the back of the theater were yelling out “Robert’s Rules.” Unfortunately, the point is the rules were not being applied to everyone. In my opinion there was inappropriate behavior on all sides. This was no way to conduct a public meeting.

Agenda Address

As the speakers finished, the attention was turned to the evening’s agenda. The agenda contained items that had been tabled from the morning session. At this point, I thought that the presenters were done. However, once again, David Clements and his wife were on the attack. Agenda item number three: Request approval of a lawsuit against New Mexico, Secretary of State, Maggie Talouse Oliver. The Commission asked the County Attorney his advice on the topic. Marquart asked him what the cost of the lawsuit would run. He responded at least $100,000. He didn’t feel that it was a lawsuit that they would win since she was following the state constitution and the cost would be a taxpayers expense. After more bantering between the panel and commission, Clements became very loud and belligerent. He verbally attacked the County Attorney and accused him of being unwilling to fight. The Commission finally got to an agreement on amending the wording of the lawsuit. A vote was taken and both Griffin an Marquart voted in favor of the lawsuit. Matherly voted against.

The fourth and final agenda item pertained to drop boxes, removing voting machines and hand counting votes. After five hours and it being almost 11:00 p.m., I had enough and left. I walked to my car with no one outside. After thinking about it, there was a potential for harm to my personal safety.


If this is the way our County Commission conducts business, it is fairly obvious to me why reasonable citizens feel disenfranchised from local government. Call it a circus, call it a free-for-all, call it chaos, but sadly, the meeting can only be called a waste of time.

Respectfully Submitted by: Joy Bordenave and Kristen Flannery

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I have to agree with this poster. I too was in attendance for the Aug. 11 {and pardon my french} *** Show. It was a disgrace and is not even shown on the Otero Co. replay page, as it  is owned outright by the MAGAt insurrectionists, Clements and Co. Our representatives should be ASHAMED at the theatrics that were provided that night. I am totally disgusted by the whole evening. 

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